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Jayam Ravi The Best Actor

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all blogger out there. Hope all of you have a great time in this Fasting Month. Hope all Muslim have a great time this fasting month, grab the rewards that will be given to us.. Be a nice guy, help other people and try to sedekah more in this month, this massages is also for my self..

Actually i always review the movies, Tamil and Telugu movies. If you can see two previously my post i have write about two English movies. I like that movies very much and i try to share will all people around the world. Who didn't know Johnny Deep right, very influence people in this movie industries and he was the best actor from my individual perspective. Yes many movies he have contributes to produces his fame in the Hollywood Industries, But  Blow(2001) was a very exciting movies if you have some space for yourself..Prove me wrong if the mistakes is from my side hehehe... 

Today i will trying my best to review not the movies, but only the hero or the main character in the movies, and yes i try to focus for what i know and the basic of this Blog, that is Tamil movies. I just have a little mind maps and some kinds of brainstorming with my friends yesterday, while watching Argentina beat Swiss..Pity Swiss..Nice goalkeeper but what can we said about That..This is a totally football right..Cheer up guys..Don't kill yourself right....Maybe 4 more years Swiss will be back and that time maybe Shaqiri are not playing like this time right...

Previously i think i wrote about this hero, not an unsung hero i guess, for me just a very talented Tamil Hero.. He got the packages, talented comes around also and he gave the nice shots in all the movies. But actually i just watch only 2 movies from this Hero, his name Was Jayam Ravi

Name: Jayam Ravi
Born: September 10, 1980 (33 years old), Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Height: 1.75cm
Spouse: Aarthi
Ability: Martial Art expert and Trained Dancer
Powerful combo: Fighting scene and talk too much scenes (i guess heheh)

I have post the reviews of his movies, i got two post about this superb hero, the movies is 

You can search for yourself from the link above but apologize from my side because it was written in my Bahasa Melayu Languages, sorry again ;-). Base from this three movies i watches, i can conclude something that this brother are very good actor. Some of my friends said that Jayam Ravi are unique, because he always act different characters and ready to take a risk by his acting. Conclusion is, he  are unique hero from my perspective and others of my friends that love Tamil movies.

Aadhi Baghavan

This scenes is from Aadhi Baghavan scene. In this movies Jayam Ravi play to characters, not a good and bad..Actually he just a rascals in this movies. heheheh... But I like the second characters he played in this movies that Baghavan character. Wait a minutes..Guys..actually this is first time, not first time watch Tamil movies but first time this Tamil Movies gives a powerful impact for those who watch this movies, without prejudice..hehehe... Yes..this movies is about Mafia, gangster movies but there was a different point of view have been produce for us as a viewers.. We always know right about gangster movies, the benchmarks or trademarks or gangster is sort of clothes, like al-capone,scar on the face, fierce and very furious faces,cool face, smokes cigars, something that's related to the gangsters or Mafia's things. But in this movies also have a scene about smoke cigar by Baghavan( Jayam ravi), but there are extra difference things that been brought by the producers.Can you imagine, that the characters  in this movies, Bhagavan, is the Mumbai Mafia, was a Soft Man ( BAPOK or PONDAN). Yes..sorry for my words or languages, very terrible but the truth is Mafia Man, was not brutally faces man, but soft and gentle man..Hahaha... Can you imagine that's??? that's was awesome guys..That's was totally blower our mind. We know Mafia, gangster is body builder man, romantic or some kind like that, but this Aadhi Baghavan movie came with this weird idea, but for me it really works man.. really works..

I think India movies industries was one step ahead than other movies industries. Because if this movies as a benchmark, can you came with some ideas?maybe weird but extraordinary outputs for you?? for me this movies is the best movies around 2013-2014. We always sees gentle&soft people or bapok right..But we never think this kind of person will be a Mafia...hahaha..I can imagine that.. How someone,under him will response to him..They will not respect gentle Man like this..Right? but this is call Different point of view.. I really love this idea from the director.. Credit for you sir..Very2 good idea.. You come with the idea that never been thinking from other people..Now that's Awesome... Amma!!!....

So this is just a simple review from me. I know many mistakes from my English, hope you all forgives me ok..Sorry.. See you again.. Until Next time.. Taadaaa....

Be The Best to win The Best


  1. ni mesti peminat tegar movie tamil, hehe smpai snggup cri detail plakon lg..klau la plakon tu tahu, mesti trharu punya la..:)

  2. peminat hero tamil ni...tapi depa ni mmg hebat rupa n lakonannya...pekej..

  3. Wah..oh my English! Tetibe terselit perkataan 'bapok'.

  4. hehe terbaik...peminat filem tamil rupanya...hehe aku cuma kenal rajnikan je..tu pun sbb kwn aku minat kt dia..kehkeh...:P

  5. Jayam Ravi..not bad..quite handsome...hehehe...but i don't really like tamil movies...
    about the WC .... if Argentina n Swiss goes to penalty...for sure Swiss will win bcos they have very good goalkeeper..

  6. Im not really into tamil movie but this one sounds interesting...


    1. try to watch it.. Sure no regret

  7. Peminat citer tamil eh? Haha. Yg ade bunyi dush2. Nanti try layan la. Ana suke satu je citer tamil. Chandramukhi. Ntah betul ntah tidak ana ngeja nih. Hihi. Ampun tuanku. Lai lai lai~

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